Chapter 6 Summary

Tom and Casey found the Joad home empty, as if no one had been there in quite a while. The presence of usable materials and tools on the premises shows that their neighbors must have also deserted their farms. They see Muley Graves and he reports that the Joads have moved in with Tom’s Uncle John. The whole family has gone to work picking cotton in order to buy a car to get to California. Muley explains that a large company has bought all the land in the area and kicked out all the farmers. Mulley tells them that he his family also left to try their luck in California. Casy criticizes Muley’s decision to stay behind: “You shouldn’t of broke up the fambly.” The three of them end of supping on the rabbits Mulley caught. They later hide from a police car that is passing by Tom's former land. They spend that night sleeping in a cave.