Is Casy's newfound philosphy (which holds that human pleasures do not run counter to a divine plan, but rather the human spirit is the Holy Spirit) on life a viable one? Are his precedents for advocationg this philosophy admirable, or has he merely created an excuse for his sins and failure at preaching?

--Casy's newfound philisophy certainly seems to be nothign more than a clever ruse to justify his misdoings. Firstly, his abandonning of his previous, more traditional ideology solely due to his failure as a preacher sparks suspicion. That is, it appears as though Casy's new philosophy serves the main purpose of giving an explanation to his voracious sexual yearns and other sins by placing divine power in the will of humans. He substitutes the power of God with instictive humanly pleasure (which is sinful in nature) to make his sins seem more bearable to himself.

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